Chet Doxas – Starcrossings (2017)


available here: from Chet Doxas’ “Rich in Symbols”. Chet Doxas (saxophone), Matthew Stevens (guitar), Zack Lober (bass), Eric Doob (drums). Available on Ropea

“Chet Doxas is quickly becoming one of the most well respected and sought after saxophonists and composers of his generation. He is best known for his ability to add his inspired voice to a wide variety of musical settings and styles.” Source


Elephant9 – Actionpack1 (2018)


“Elephant9 blends the virtuosic precision of King Crimson and Yes with the jazz-fusion explorations of electric Miles, Weather Report and the Tony Williams Lifetime. Key and time signatures change constantly as the quartet helters and skelters between tightly composed sections, driving kosmische interludes and bucolic Canterbury excursions. Rolling Stone(US)(…)On this, their fifth studio album, they are back to the core trio of their two first albums, with Ståle Storløkken (keyboards), Nikolai Hængsle (bass) and Torstein Lofthus (drums). “The Greatest Show On Earth” displays some truly astonishing playing and is a more dynamic, structured and focused album with all tracks clocking in between five and seven minutes.” Source

JÜ – Summa (2017)


“Jü plays the music of ecstasy.
Psychedelic noise rock, power-jazz and folk all form an integral part of their compositions, evolving from seemingly rigorous, repetitive swirling patterns that deliver spectacular amounts of energy.
Apart from obvious reminiscences of the golden age of fusion (late 60s, early 70s), Jü’s main objective is far from evoking that era.
By pushing their instruments to new limits, entranced audiences are transported from the continuous present into the future, ideally, leaving behind past ways of thinking about music itself.
Despite being seemingly restrained by their strict form of composition, disciplined by the common ground of tonality and dynamics, the creative members of the trio are allowed plenty of room for spirited improvisation.” (translated from Hungarian) Barotányi Zoltán / Magyar Narancs Source

Throttle Elevator Music feat. Kamasi Washington – Flux and Soldier (2017)


“Here’s “Flux and Soldier” … from the awesome fucking record “Throttle Elevator Music – Retrorespective” – This is an awesome album from what has evolved into ‘Kamasi Washington’s Punk Rock band’ – from the driving force behind much of Wide Hive Records (the Gregory Howe and Matt Montgomery powerhouse that is behind “Dissent” “Variable Unit” “Neomythics” and countless other projects, comes a hybrid almost too good to be true. Take the best parts of punk and jazz, cut the fat off, simmer for 20 minutes and then fry with a blow torch till golden brown. You are going to love this record!”

Sunwatchers – Nose Beers (2018)


“Sunwatchers are a New York-based ensemble (featuring current & former members of NYMPH, Dark Meat, Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band & Arthur Doyle’s New Quiet Screamers) that blur the lines between avant-jazz, punk, psychedelia, Ethio-jazz and desert blues, creating joyous, chaotic, mystical elegies to modern sound. Their eponymous 2016 album was released on Castle Face Records in 2016, and the band will release their Trouble In Mind debut, “II” on February 2nd, 2018.”Source

Band Members:
Peter Nye Kerlin
Jim McHugh
Jason Robira
Jeff Tobias