Night Moves – Carl Sagan (2016)


Full of cool, moody surfaces and pop melodies that sounded part mid-’70s, part present day, Night Moves’ debut album, Colored Emotions, was one of the more pleasant surprises of 2012. While the vague country influences on Colored Emotions have faded somewhat, the group’s second album, 2016’s Pennied Days, finds Night Moves moving slowly but confidently forward from their early work. Anchored in the striking, elemental keyboard work of multi-instrumentalist Jared Isabella, Pennied Days is a bittersweet song cycle that suggests several lovelorn characters have moved to a midsized college town

thx to Ronnie Rocket


Washington Phillips – Lift Him Up That’s All (1927-28)


“Washington Phillips was a gospel singer from East Texas whose sound stands as one of the most singular of all time. Playing a homemade instrument called a “manzarene”, (contrary to the opinion of many until recently) Phillips recorded a scant eighteen songs in his life, but every one is downright magical. Phillips’ voice is plaintive and always intimate, an odd trait for music recorded so long ago – and it’s a precious thing to listen and sense that in 1927 the Jesus he was singing to was precisely the same as he is today.”Source

PCPC – I Know (You) (2015)


Issuing a statement about PCPC, Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage says: “Like P-Funk, MinuteFlag, Ciccone Youth, Loutallica and Red House Chili Painters (bet you didn’t know about that one), PCPC is what happens when two legendary rock juggernauts join forces. In this instance, members of PC Worship and Parquet Courts have merged into a NY noise-rock confederacy, each band bringing their own sonic distinctions. Spawning from a long history of playing shows together as separate entities, PCPC is born out of an aesthetic solidarity, and will to create something new.”

Whitney – No Woman (2016)

no woman

“Max Kakacek and Julian Ehrlich, both formerly of Smith Westerns, left Chicago last year and decamped in L.A. to record their debut as Whitney, a sly retro outfit they started after their old band dissolved. Their lead single, “No Woman,” is a gooey and aching country ballad that meditates on one of dad rock’s most hallowed themes: the melancholy of crossing city limits to escape everything about your old life and old loves.”Source