Scott H. Biram – Only Whiskey Can Sleep In My Bed


Steve Terrell: “Now I doubt that Scott H. Biram would ever sing the praises of a woman who drinks appletinis. He seems like he’d be more attracted to the straight whiskey type. In fact, “Only Whiskey” is the name of one of the rowdiest tunes on this new album by gruff-voiced Biram. “Only whiskey can sleep in my bed,” he growls over his distorted electric guitar.

There are plenty of rip-roaring, blues-soaked, booze-fired songs on Nothin’ but Blood, scheduled for release next week by Chicago’s Bloodshot Records. “Alcohol Blues” (an old Mance Lipscomb tune), with a guitar hook similar to that on Cream’s version of “Crossroads” and with a string of obscenities, is definitely one. “Around the Bend” and “Church Point Girls” might just be the first recorded one-man-metal-band tunes in human history. On “Bend” Biram even manages a pretty good parody of the lizard-demon voice you hear in so many death-metal bands.”


Talmud Beach – Hobo Don’t Mind A Little Rain


Boogie-Zen. Suomi-Kraut-Blues.

A Trio of bearded man playing sparse, ultra-relaxed, hypnotic blues pieces,soft and to the bone, with traces (and for friends ) of: JJ.Cale (rocking chair), Suicide (past Future R’n’R), Canned Heat (Falsetto), ZZ Top (Beards, Boots), Neu (plingplongplucker), 22-Pistepirkko (hot finnish potatoes). Bone Voyage Recordings is excited to have signed them and releases their selftitled debutalbum for Europe November 2013.

Dear Eloise – I’ll Be Your Mirror


Chinese lo-fi pop heroes Dear Eloise have teamed up with Italian craftsmen, Bubutz, to create this limited-edition handmade 7″ – a fuzzed-out rendition of Lou Reed’s classic “I’ll Be Your Mirror” redone with Chinese lyrics. These beautiful handmade picture discs are all individually lathe-cut and mounted on a printed wooden base in either circle or square versions. They each come packaged with individually numbered inserts printed on an antique printing press using an original Liberty wooden type set dating from the early 1900s. This special release is limited to 30 copies with only 10 available in China.
released 01 October 2012
“I’ll Be Your Mirror” written by Lou Reed
Performed by Dear Eloise
Recorded and Produced by Dear Eloise at Psychic Kong, Beijing January 2010

Dear Eloise are:
Sun Xia / Yang Haisong

Handmade in Italy by Bubutz Records
Artwork and Photography by Toni Contiero

Produced by Maybe Mars, Genjing Records, Tenzenmen Records and Bubutz Records