Angelica Rockne – Whiskey Men (2017)

“Maybe we’re all too defeated with the dreary assumption that regional sounds and city scenes are a thing of the past — a world before the internet bred makers and thinkers into islands. But America is still a place, rock & roll still rules, and there’s history and story pulsing through our voices and songs whether we believe it or not.” Bandcamp


Jeremy Messersmith – Purple Hearts (2018)

“Messersmith’s new album “Late Stage Capitalism” shows the songwriter moving in a direction all his own, coating dark lyrics in poppy, sometimes schmaltzy instrumentals. This contrast frames the album. It may be named “Late Stage Capitalism,” but even the most political songs focus on something as basic as human interaction.” Source

Johnny Rawls – Waiting For The Train (2018)

“One of the highlights of the album is the title track, “Waiting for the Train,” a contemplative ballad featuring interesting chord changes and an excellent guitar solo. The train as a transport to heaven is a common theme in gospel music, and this is obviously Rawls’ intent as he sings in the voice of a man contemplating the afterlife, “Get on board and don’t look back . . . I’ve got to be ready, when it comes for me, I’ve got to be ready to be set free.”” Source