Phylums – Can’t Get Through


“Like a spore in a petri dish, Phylums slowly cultivated in the dank basements of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011. With a common goal of creating stripped-down, primitive rock n’ roll, members of Wisconsin acts Goodnight Loving, Head On Electric, and Holy Shit! started banging out three-chord homages to the Sonics, Creedence, the Monks…any band with a simple message and no-frills attack.”Source


Christopher the Conquered – I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll

“Christopher Ford, aka Christopher the Conquered, is feeling the effects of the Ryan Adams Bump. The Des Moines songwriter was quietly minding his own promotional business, releasing a pair of new songs in “What’s the Name of the Town” and “I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll”, the title track to his forthcoming third LP. Out of the blue, Adams tweeted out an image of the album (a promo copy had found its way into his hands), saying that it was “blowing my mind.” And suddenly everything changed.”Source