The Woolly Bushmen – Something New (2017)

“Hi! We are the Woolly Bushmen!!
We enjoy playing Rock n Roll music in the same manner which we make love… HARD AND FAST! Unless it’s one of our two ballads or the melancholy song which appears every so often on some of our records. Thank you for visiting our bandcamp site. Please support our amphetamine abuse by buying our records.” BUY


Fuzzy Haskins – Sometimes I Rock and Roll (1976)

“Haskins released his first solo album, A Whole Nother Thang, in 1976. The album featured P-Funk members: Tiki Fulwood and Cordell “Boogie” Mosson on drums, and Bootsy Collins and Mosson on bass. Bernie Worrell makes an appearance on keyboards, contributing horn and string arrangements as well. Haskins served as producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and even drummer on one song.” Wiki

The Bonnevilles – Long Runs The Fox (2018)

“When you’re a minimalist, it doesn’t take much to fancy things up, and a quick spin of Dirty Photographs, the fourth studio album from Irish blues-punk brawlers the Bonnevilles, certainly bears this out. This is a band that clearly has no plans to reinvent the wheel, and for the most part, Dirty Photographs serves up a hearty portion of what the group is known for: big, dirty guitar riffs from Andrew McGibbon, Jr.; pounding drums courtesy of Chris McMullan; and tunes that wrap traditional blues figures around lyrics that put a 21st century spin on the usual tales of bad luck and trouble.” Allmusic

Imaginary People – Snapshot (2017)


“Hollow and haunting, Imaginary People’s sophomore full-length October Alice, is a macabre masterpiece. At times cacophonous, and other times melodic, the album explores some of the most morbid corners of the human mind and shines a light on their darkest crevices. Wistful guitar tones, guttural vocals, and commanding bass lines move throughout the desolate environment constructed by Imaginary People in Alice.”Source