The Cambodian Space Project – Have VISA No Have Rice (2012)

The Cambodian Space Project-HAVE VISA NO HAVE RICE from marc e on Vimeo.


Before having a visa, I had to go to the French Embassy. Unexpectedly and nervously, I was granted the visa. Comfortably, I could fly to France and discover Paris.

After my arrival, I was a bit sad because I couldn’t eat their food. They had bread and pizza while I could eat only rice.

I am a Cambodian girl. I am only worried about food and never think about other people. No, this is wrong. No! No! No! ….I sat down and cried…..

During mealtime, there were several kinds of food. What can I do? Must I be polite? Food is nice. Must I be polite? I was extremely hungry; I had to eat first…..




Michael Nau – Smooth Aisles (2016)


“Surely reminiscent of Michael Nau’s albums as Cotton Jones-especially vocally-this album departs from his strictly lo-fi sound and opens up to stripped down acoustic tracks, sunny shoegazey lounge-y tunes, and songs that follow the typical Cotton Jones sound with Whitney McGraw’s vocals supporting and adding depth to Nau’s. There is an overall glaze of 60s folky rock throughout the album.”Source

Tom Waits – The Soul Of A Man


“Waits nails Johnson’s signature growling vocals and slide guitar work, and the production gives the track and old-timey feel, almost as if it were actually recorded in the 1920s. Altogether, it’s a toe-tapping homage to one of blues’ more publicly underrated legends, a man whose recording of “Dark Was The Night – Cold Was The Ground” was deemed important enough to be included on the gold record aboard Voyager 1.
The full album, entitled God Don’t Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson, is out Feb. 26.”

Night Beats – No Cops (2016)


“Texan trio Night Beats are one of the most exciting bands to come out of America since the heady days of grunge. Their brand of 13th Floor Elevator-esque psych R&B has been turning heads on the underground in the UK ever since the release of their critically acclaimed second studio album, ‘Sonic Bloom’, was released in 2013…This new album (Who Sold My Generation red.), though, does see them raise the bar – it’s more special than Sonic Bloom – in fact, it’s one of the best guitar albums you’ll hear this year.”Source

Jeb Loy Nicols – To Be Rich (Should Be A Crime) (2015)


“Long Time Traveller dates back to 2010, when it was issued in Japan as a very limited release from On-U Sound and Beat Records. The songwriter has a longstanding relationship with On-U Sound dating back to the earliest days of the post-punk era, when he provided occasional backing vocals for its dubplates. Nichols’ love of reggae goes back to his days with the Fellow Travellers, who fused Americana, country, and dub. As good as those recordings were, though, they don’t touch these.” Allmusic