Say Sue Me – Beginning To See The Light (2018)

In their own words: “We had always thought about a cover album, so we agreed to make a small album aimed for release on Record Store Day 2018. In December 2017, we started the new project with a light and excited heart, as soon as we finished recording our second album.
At first, we thought about Yo La Tengo or Pavement which are our all time favorites but we decided to take the music of legendary bands from a little earlier times to cover in our style.
The first song we picked was Velvet Underground’s Beginning To See The Light. It was a song suggested by Sumi. She strongly recommended this song, because she always admired Lou Reed’s self-confident attitude and genius talent…”Bandcamp


The Woolly Bushmen – Something New (2017)

“Hi! We are the Woolly Bushmen!!
We enjoy playing Rock n Roll music in the same manner which we make love… HARD AND FAST! Unless it’s one of our two ballads or the melancholy song which appears every so often on some of our records. Thank you for visiting our bandcamp site. Please support our amphetamine abuse by buying our records.” BUY