The Godfathers – I Can’t Sleep Tonight


Bursting back on to the scene with their first album release since 1995, The Godfathers have lost nothing of the passion and energy which characterised them as one of the most exciting and respected rock ‘n’ roll acts of the late eighties and early nineties

The psychedelic ‘Let Your Hair Down’ and ‘If I Only Could’ kick the LP off with a marked 60’s influence before ripping into the superb gangster rock of ‘Primitive Man’. Raw guitars and aggressive vocals continue with the menacing, rock ’n’ roll inspired ‘The Outsider’ both characterised by Pete Coyne’s harsh vocals and trademark vitriolic lyrics.

The Godfathers then pay homage to Link Ray with a rendition of his 1965 ground breaking classic ‘I’m Branded’. The beautiful ‘Can of Worms’ follows, another in a long line of inspirational tunes penned by Del Bartle whose mercurial guitar skills are fully displayed in the highlight of the album ‘Back To The Future’. A Godfathers masterpiece matched by its lyrical wizardry.

The melodic ‘Man In The Middle’ and contemplative ‘Thai Nights’ close what is a stunning statement of intent from the legendary South London outfit. A long time coming but things of quality have no fear of time


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