The Men – Rose on Top of the World (2018)


“Drift is the seventh full-length by NYC rock polymaths The Men, and it marks their 10th anniversary as a band. The Men’s last album, the self-released Devil Music, was the sound of a band who had been through hell hitting reset and looking to their roots to rediscover themselves. On Drift, The Men return to their longtime label Sacred Bones Records and explore the openness that Devil Music helped them find.”Source

Walter Smith III – Ask Me Now (2018)



Walter Smith III – tenor saxophone
Harish Raghaven – bass (1, 2, 6 & 7)
Eric Harland – drums

Special guests

Christian McBride – bass (3, 5, 8 & 9)
Joshua Redman – tenor saxophone (3 & 9)


Recorded at Sear Sound and GSI Studios by Chris Allen
Mixed by Chris Allen
Mastered by Paul Blakemore
Produced by Chris Dunn
Executive Producer for Whirlwind Recordings – Michael Janisch”

JÜ – Summa (2017)


“Jü plays the music of ecstasy.
Psychedelic noise rock, power-jazz and folk all form an integral part of their compositions, evolving from seemingly rigorous, repetitive swirling patterns that deliver spectacular amounts of energy.
Apart from obvious reminiscences of the golden age of fusion (late 60s, early 70s), Jü’s main objective is far from evoking that era.
By pushing their instruments to new limits, entranced audiences are transported from the continuous present into the future, ideally, leaving behind past ways of thinking about music itself.
Despite being seemingly restrained by their strict form of composition, disciplined by the common ground of tonality and dynamics, the creative members of the trio are allowed plenty of room for spirited improvisation.” (translated from Hungarian) Barotányi Zoltán / Magyar Narancs Source

Beck (feat. Charlie Haden) – Ramshackle (1996)


“”Ramshackle” on Odelay is a brother to “Blackhole” on Mellow Gold in many ways. Both end their respective albums on a haunting, mellow acoustic note. Both feature a member of the Haden family (“Blackhole” with Petra on violin, “Ramshackle” with her father Charlie on bass). Both were produced by Tom and Rob from Bong Load. Both are about the downtrodden, the homeless.”Source

Joachim Kühn New Trio – The End (2016)


“Joachim Kühn most certainly is the most reknowned German jazz pianist. One of the very few German artists who became successful beyond the contries boarders. A restless, unbound, free spirit. A giant of his instrument with breathtaking technique and unlimited expression.
With his new album “Beauty & Truth” Joachim Kühn introduces his New Trio with Chris Jennings (b) and Eric Schaefer (dr). And, at the age of 72, impressively manages to re-invent himself once more sounding fresher and more modern, than ever.”Source

The Saxophones – Aloha (2018)


“A new 7” from The Saxophones. The A side features our new song, “Aloha.” The B side is a tribute to our favorite song from Twin Peaks: “Just You” by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch.
released February 2, 2018

Alexi Erenkov – guitar, vocals, saxophone, and Crumar synthesizer
Alison Alderdice – percussion and vocals
Richard Laws – bass and vibraphone

Engineering and Production by Cameron Spies”

Carlton Melton – Untimely / Electrified Sky (2018)


“Carlton Melton tracks ‘untimely’ and ‘electrified sky’ from the upcoming 2XLP ‘mind minerals’ to be released on Agitated Records February 2nd , 2018!!!! * untimely – andy duvall-gtr / clint golden-bass/ rich millman-gtr/synth.. * electrified sky – andy duvall-drums /clint golden-bass /john mcbain-gtr/ rich millman-gtr/synth… ‘untimely’ recorded at the Dome by Brian McDougall… ‘electrified sky’ recorded at el studio by phil manley.. mastered by john mcbain at jpm mastering!!!!”