Scott H. Biram – Only Whiskey Can Sleep In My Bed


Steve Terrell: “Now I doubt that Scott H. Biram would ever sing the praises of a woman who drinks appletinis. He seems like he’d be more attracted to the straight whiskey type. In fact, “Only Whiskey” is the name of one of the rowdiest tunes on this new album by gruff-voiced Biram. “Only whiskey can sleep in my bed,” he growls over his distorted electric guitar.

There are plenty of rip-roaring, blues-soaked, booze-fired songs on Nothin’ but Blood, scheduled for release next week by Chicago’s Bloodshot Records. “Alcohol Blues” (an old Mance Lipscomb tune), with a guitar hook similar to that on Cream’s version of “Crossroads” and with a string of obscenities, is definitely one. “Around the Bend” and “Church Point Girls” might just be the first recorded one-man-metal-band tunes in human history. On “Bend” Biram even manages a pretty good parody of the lizard-demon voice you hear in so many death-metal bands.”


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