Califone – Funeral Singers


Steven Hyden wrote on Pitchfork: A very good and quietly unassuming band with an impressive– but decidedly unflashy– discography, Califone almost dissipated into the ether after the release of 2009’s reliably strong All My Friends are Funeral Singers. The band’s core member Tim Rutili spent almost a year away from Califone, committing his attention to screenwriting, scoring films and TV shows. He shed a few band members during the hiatus, but thankfully not his interest in eventually returning to Califone. He just didn’t want to go back exactly like he had before. For the new Stitches, Rutili hit the road, leaving his familiar environs in Chicago and recording at various locations in the southwestern United States, including Arizona, Texas, and Southern California. He also went back to his roots in home recording, stripping back the dense tangle of rustic instrumentation, electronic atmospherics, and spooky field recordings that distinguished Califone’s past work.
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