Homer Henderson – Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine


Review by Cub Koda

To many, Homer Henderson is the country version of Weird Al Yankovic, writing and singing funny songs on a number of politically incorrect subjects. In reality, this is only one side of his musical makeup, an oeuvre that also encompasses hard Jimmy Reed-blues and electronica. This collection brings together all of Henderson’s early 45’s, issued on a number of small imprints in Texas. The emphasis is on the humorous side of Homer’s work, with such gems as “Pickin’ Up Beer Cans on the Highway,” “Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine,” “I Want a Date With a Cowboy Cheerleader,” “Nightclub Cancer,” and “Hillbilly Pecker” being counted in the lineup — all minor classics of dark humor. Liner notes from Nick Tosches, whom Henderson sometimes collaborates with, make this one fun package, with some solid music in between the laughs. If you’re looking for something different, look no further.


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