Bitch Prefect – Drifting


Have you ever wondered what 2001: A Space Odyssey would be like if it wasn’t, you know, long and shit? Well, Adelaide/Melbourne bucket of awesome Bitch Prefect try their best to answer that for you in their new clip for their brand new song, ‘Drifting’. Meandering and handsome, the track is just another of the myriad of reasons to love Bitch Prefect. They are one of the best new-ish Australian bands going around at the moment, at the same calibre of Twerps, Dick Diver and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. Although ‘Drifting’ is slightly slower (only by a bit) than the usual Bitch Prefect song, and doesn’t exaggerate the slacker aspects like ‘Walk Through the Door’ or ‘Holiday in America’, it still is an absolute gem of a song. I have literally soaked my pants in my sudden anticipation of their second record, ‘Bird Nerds’, out on the 4th of November, on Bedroom Suck. FUCK YEAH!


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