Jason Isbell – Songs That She Sang in the Shower


Rod Lockwood wrote: “After 10 years or so of occasional brilliant songwriting — most notably “Outfit,” “Alabama Pines,” “Codeine,” “Streetlights,” “Dress Blues,” and a few others — solid-but-not-great albums, and a protracted battle with the bottle, Isbell emerges on his fourth post-Truckers studio work with a bona fide great album.
“Songs That She Sang in the Shower” is an old-school broken-hearted country anthem that builds to a power-chord driven soaring chorus and that manages to find a way to name drop a Willie Nelson song (“Yesterday’s Wine”) and a Pink Floyd tune (“Wish You Were Here”) in the course of four minutes, which should give you a good feel for Isbell’s musical palette. Killer lyric. “Experience robs me of hope that you’ll ever return.”


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