Roky Erickson & The Black Angels – Night of the Vampire (Complete concert)


Legendary psych rocker and founding member of 13th Floor Elevators, Roky Erickson returned to the stage in 2008 to perform songs
from the 13th Floor Elevators catalog that had not been performed in decades. Backed by the neo-psychedelic rock heavyweights, The
Black Angels, Night of the Vampire captures a special performance Halloween night 2008 from the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles.

1. Intro/Bo Diddley’s A Headhunter
2. Collaboration Seq. w/BA’s Science Killer
3. Two Headed Dog
4. Halloween costumes w/ BA’s Mission District
5. Night Of The Vampire
6. You’re Gonna Miss Me
7. Splash 1
8. Creature With The Atom Brain
9. Roky Discussion w/ Black Angel’s Never Ever
10. Roller Coaster
11. Reverberation over End Credits


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