Bob Frank and John Murry – Boss Weatherford

Frank and Murry

Memphis, Tennessee native Bob Frank’s story is legend: as a young man he worked as a songwriter for Tree Publishing in Nashville and shared the stage with Tim Buckley and Townes Van Zandt. He signed to Vanguard Records to release one brilliant album in 1972, cussed label president Maynard Solomon at his record release show in New York City, and was promptly dropped from Vanguard’s roster. He reveled in his own obscurity for nearly 35 years, all the while writing songs with little interest in public opinion. In 2005, John Murry, an eccentric 26 year old songwriter from Tupelo, Mississippi and descendant of William Faulkner who had recently moved to California from the South, tracked down Bob Frank on the recommendation of a mutual friend. They quickly became friends and, seemingly just as quickly, began writing together.
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