Manfred Mann – If you gotta go, go now (1965)

“One of the greatest early Manfred Mann sides, this version of the (at the time) unreleased Bob Dylan song gave the band a huge (number two) hit in England in late 1965. The arrangement is one of the greatest adaptations of a Dylan song, rivaling some of the Byrds’ efforts from the period. Led by a fabulous, almost country-rock guitar lick from Mike Vickers and a powerful drum pattern by Mike Hugg, singer Paul Jones lays down one of his greatest vocals, clearly echoing the tough stance of the lyrics. Although the record never made an impact in the U.S., it is widely reported that Dylan himself loved this version and commented that the Manfreds did his material better that most.” Allmusic

The Kinks – Lola [Instrumental] (1971)

Taken from the 1971 album “Percy”

Percy is a 1971 film soundtrack for the British comedy film Percy performed by English rock group the Kinks with additional orchestral arrangements conducted by Stanley Myers. The songs were written by Ray Davies and include both standard rock/pop songs and instrumental numbers.”Wiki

Pink Fairies – The Snake (1971)


“The Pink Fairies are an English rock band initially active in the London (Ladbroke Grove) underground and psychedelic scene of the early 1970s. They promoted free music, drug taking and anarchy and often performed impromptu gigs and other agitprop stunts, such as playing for free outside the gates at the Bath and Isle of Wight pop festivals in 1970, as well as appearing at Phun City, the first Glastonbury and many other free festivals including Windsor and Trentishoe.” Wikipedia

Eric Bachmann – Mercy (2016)


“There may be no better depiction of the exasperating dynamics among loved ones than the way Eric Bachmann puts it on “Mercy,” the second song on his new solo album. “I’ve got family, I’ve got friends/ And I will love them till the end,” he sings. “Despite the batshit-crazy things they often say.” Yep.
The song is a lush doo-wop number with resonant piano, a big beat and layers of background vocals bolstering Bachmann’s rich baritone. It would be the centerpiece of the album, if the other tunes weren’t just as powerful.” Pastemagazine