Jamie Wilson – Dirty Blonde Hair


A lot can happen in a year. For Texas singer/songwriter Jamie Wilson, the list of accomplishments since 2009 is pretty impressive. She’s been a major force in the creation and release of three major projects: her debut record as a solo artist, the debut record of The Trishas (of which she is one of the band members), and her first child–10 week-old daughter Joanie. During this time, she’s also experienced the rapid rise of The Trishas–from a slapped-together, two-song tribute to songwriter Kevin Welch by four girl singers at Steamboat’s MusicFest, to a polished, touring stage act on the verge of signing a major publishing deal in Nashville this week. It’s been some year.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Volunteered Slavery

Roland kirk

One of a handful of amazing records Kirk (1936–1977) made for Atlantic in the late ’60s, Volunteered Slavery argues that Kirk was at the same time also a detail guy, attuned to the galvanic power of small ideas. Lighting onto an up-tempo gospel rhythm, he nudges it just enough to subvert the expected amen cadences.

Gram Parsons – Big Mouth Blues (+Bonus Tracks)

Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons is the father of country-rock. With the International Submarine Band, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, the songwriter pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music, and as a solo artist he moved even further into the country realm, blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other. While he was alive, Parsons was a cult figure that never sold many records but influenced countless fellow musicians, from the Rolling Stones to the Byrds. In the years since his death, his stature has only grown, as numerous rock and country artists build on his small, but enormously influential, body of work.
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Grand Trine – Say It (Bohemians Cover)

Say it

GRAND TRINE hail from Montreal, Canada. Their 7″ on Almost Ready Records comes with two songs which were originally included on a single by The Bohemians from way back in 1967.

One of Grand Trine’s members, Tobias Rochman, had a dad in a 60s garage rock band called The Bohemians and together Grand Trine have recreated the same Bohemians 7″ from 1967. “Say It” is quite a dirge if there ever was one.
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Dr. John – Revolution

dr john

It’s an entirely new approach for the iconic Dr. John, featuring as it does his collaboration with Auerbach and a band of young musicians Auerbach hand-picked to make Locked Down at his studio Easy Eye Sound in Nashville. “It was way cool cutting this record with Dan and the crew he put together for it,” says Rebennack. “It’s reel HIP.”

For his part, Auerbach says about the collaboration: “Mac inspired me every single day we were in the studio together: musically, spiritually, cosmically … something special seemed to be happening and everyone involved could sense it. For my money, Mac’s one of the greatest who ever was and who ever will be … I’m so honored to have had this opportunity to work with him.”

Auerbach, a long-time fan of the influential musician, dubbed “the Night Tripper” in the late 60s, visited Dr. John late in 2010 in his hometown New Orleans, announcing his ambition to produce “the best record you’ve made in a long time.” Rebennack replied that he had done his research—his children had told him good things about The Black Keys—and the conversation led to an agreement to collaborate on the 2011 Bonnaroo Jam being curated by Auerbach.

That performance—called by New York Times critic Ben Ratliff in his best-of-the-year list “deep and oozy, close-to-the-vest, low-frequency funk”—confirmed that something unusual was taking place and led to September recording sessions in Nashville. Dr. John returned to Nashville at Thanksgiving to complete the vocals and Locked Down was mixed by Auerbach and completed in early 2012.

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