Dan Stuart – Can’t Be Found


After several years of personal hell, Dan Stuart is finally back. His old band, legendary Green On Red, disbanded in 1992, and Dan tried to continue solo. After a record with Al Perry in 1993 and the first solo album in 1995, Dan disappeared from the music business.
There were many different stories and legends on what he was going through in those years, but it wasn’t until ten years later that we heard of Dan again. He first regrouped with Green On Red to play a few shows in Europe and USA (a live DVD came out of that), and then put out a record with Steve Wynn (a studio and live sequels to their legendary Danny And Dusty project) and one with the producer JD Foster (in an ad-hoc band called The Slummers). Now, Mr. Stuart is back with a masterpiece – new LP called The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings.
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Impo & the Tents – Pop Secret


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Artist: Impo & the Tents

Record: Pop Secret 7″ (ITT001, ITT)


1.Pop Secret

2. Worthless Love

3. Nag

4. I Don’t Care (what happens to me now)

All songs by Impo & the Tents